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The Sound of „Koh Phangan“

Welcome to "Koh Phangan", an Island in the South of Thailand. Surrounded by beautiful Beaches, adventurous Jungles and many crazy People. Swim in the clear blue Water, rent a Motorbike and explore the Jungle, enjoy the Food, go to the "Full Moon Party", and meet more...

South Thailand

I spend two Months in the South of Thailand. I saw many stunning places where i literary lost my mind, because of this whole beauty you are surrounded by.  To explore this part of Thailand was so much fun and one of the best journey in my life. When you go to...

The Color of Chiang Mai

This Film Project was made in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I had 10 days to capture all this beautyfull artwork there. The Temples and the whole city was a great pleasure for me to explore. I also start to work with a new film technic, that calls "Hyperlapse". Its time to...

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