About me

and my Story

The Past

My Name is Andrew Jack Noland and i am a Filmmaker & Photographer from Austria. I was born 1990 in „Bruck/Mur“ and i grew up in the Province called „Styria“. My Parents are originally from Romania, but in 1989 they decided to move to Austria.

I went like everyone to the Kindergarten, Elementary School, Secondary School and High School. With 16 i decided to start working.

In those days, i didn’t know what i wanted to become. So i started to work as a Chef apprentice in a Restaurant. After 2 Years i stopped because it wasn’t really my Passion. After that i had for another 3 Years small Jobs, just because i had to work. I stopped with all of them because it wasn’t my Passion.  At this time i was lost in my life, so i decided to travel, with the Goal to finding myself…

The Change


I decided to go to south africa. This time was magical. I met a lot of warm hearted and great people, with their own great Life stories. I learned a lot about me, about us, i learned a lot about life.

South Africa showed me something that i call „The Art of Life“. Everyone there like to paint and to travel. I got inspired by this Colors and all the wonderful Places i have traveled. I got inspired by the people i met. I learned to feel this Rhythm of Life.

In the end i was ready for this Change.


The Passion

With the Inspiration in my Heart i returned back to austria, ready to start my new Way of life.

After a view Weeks i got the Chance to study Filmmaking in the „Styrian Web TV“. I graduated as a Film Editor with honors. After that i started to work in some of austrians Televisions to gain Experience. In the same time i founded my own film production.

After building up my own business and working hard for the Television in the same time, i started to miss something. Working as a Filmmaker was just one part of my story. The second Part was traveling.

The Free Spirit

In 2017 i decided to sell everything i had, except my camera, just to be independent. With my new plan to combine filmmaking and traveling, i booked my flight to thailand. This was also the moment where i started with my Youtube Channel and Instagram.

Maybe it was just because of Thailand, or because i was happy to travel again, but in the end i started to take this amazing Pictures about my travels and it really felt like Home. There i discovered my third passion, the Photography.

I had some nice Photography Projects during my time in Thailand, where i learned a lot about it. After spending 6 Months in Thailand i decided to go back to europe just to planning my next Trip.

Who I m? I m a Filmmaker, Photographer and Traveler, with my whole Heart.

I m Andrew Jack Noland.

See you around!


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