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I have many years of experience and a dedicated level of passion and commitment to meet all expectations from my clients, thus providing a professional service.

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I believe that when you want to create a good level of content, quality is very important.  I will ensure that you get a highly sophisticated and productive quality for an extremely reasonable price.

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Last Day in Bangkok – Thailands „Adventuretrain“

My last day in Bangkok was very nice. I had a boat tour thru Bangkok and a majestic Tempel to visit until I had to go to the train station to catch my train. A 13 hours train ride to Chiang Mai is without a bed (cause all beds were sold out), not very comfortable....

Hello Bangkok – Loi Krathong Festival

Good Bye Romania! Hello Thailand. A new Adventure begins. The first days in Bangkok were pretty much fun, but also very chaotic and diffrent. After i arrived there was a Festival called "Loi Krathong". its a very speical celerbration for paying respect to the godes of...

Chaotic Bucharest – First Weeks Review

This video is about my first weeks in Bucharest. I was on a awesome Music/Light Show, that was pretty amazing. I also introduce the name of my coming travel videos so have fun and until the next week 🙂 facebookinstagramyoutubetwitter About Me About Me Community Blog...

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