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Professional Work

I have many years of experience and a dedicated level of passion and commitment to meet all expectations from my clients, thus providing a professional service.

Great Ideas

I work collaboratively with you to get the very best creative results possible for you and your business visions.



I believe that when you want to create a good level of content, quality is very important.  I will ensure that you get a highly sophisticated and productive quality for an extremely reasonable price.

Contact Me

For more Information about all Services and the Pricing, message me or give me a call. Don´t be shy!

The Beginning

Hey Guys!!! Now I am official on YouTube. The first video is online and many others are in progress. So take your time and enjoy my travel adventure with me. To be always up to date, please subscribe me on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Thanks, Love and Cheers A.J....

Time to Travel!

My Name is Andrew Jack Noland and I am 27 years old. I am a Filmmaker & photographer from Austria. To take pictures and especially to make travel videos is my big passion, that’s why I started to travel all over the world. It´s a magical feeling when u get this...

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